Students and Their Homework

Student Homework

In order to ensure effective teaching, teachers assign homework to students as a method of reviewing previous learning process. The objective of homework is to assist students consolidate concepts and skills learned in class and prevent students from forgetting already covered literature. As a learning method, assigning homework to students aim at helping students apply knowledge, evaluate and devise new ideas. However, students do not always appreciate that the teaching methods devised by teachers are for helping them attain the best learning. Students, therefore, find it hard to cope with the level of difficulty and commitment required to complete homework effectively. Many students hate homework because it is stressful and time-consuming, and they are not motivated.

The level of stress endured by most students is not negligible. Many students try to balance work and study and find it difficult to cope with life without enduring stress. Even with proper time management, the pressure encountered in school and workplace leads to stress. Stress may become a way of life for some students hence completing homework becomes a problem. Students can hate homework because they do not have proper work-life balance as well as study. Students also encounter stress because parents put unnecessary pressure on study. The notion of the parents and teachers to emphasize on grades rather than the career keeps students worried about their performance in studies. In such cases, students can start hating homework especially if there is no emotional support from parents or teachers.

Students hate homework because it is time-consuming. Most assignments require extensive research and are time-consuming. This situation forces students to sacrifice their leisure in order to complete assignments. In addition, students have problems of organizing time in order to complete homework effectively. As a result, students underestimate time for completing homework, a situation that leads to stressful nights. Most students complain that teachers put too much pressure on them to the point that they do not have leisure for sports and other personal activities.

Lack of motivation of students often leaves them disinterested in learning. If students do not believe they can improve performance by doing homework, they lack interest. The obligation of parents and teachers is to ensure students believe they can be successful in school. For example, where motivation is low due to a reputation of a course being difficult, the teacher in that course should encourage students so that they can have a positive attitude towards that course. A motivated student will have a positive attitude towards homework than a student who lacks motivation. Therefore, a student, who lacks motivation, hates homework because it becomes an extra job. In addition, students’ notion about learning and intelligence influence learning and attitude towards homework. In this regard, students believe that learning is very easy that when they encounter challenges they become demotivated. Students, who relate their success with their natural talents, do not like homework. This is because they believe their natural talents can help them become successful rather than hard work.

The purpose of homework is to review previously covered material, and help students become responsible and autonomous learners. Many students hate homework due to the level of stress involved. This often occurs where students have unnecessary pressure from parents and teachers, or students have difficulties balancing work and study. Students also hate homework because it consumes leisure intended for fun and other personal activities. In addition, lack of motivation is a factor that makes students lack interest in learning hence hate homework.