Conducting a Valid Research in Academic Environment


Research Writing

Academic research entails a lot of input when undertaking it, given both students and professionals at some point have to conduct an academic research. This paper aims to bring out different ways to which academic research can be conducted in an accurate manner, valid and also timely manner, highlighting some of the principles that are necessary with it. It will give the steps needed and also the do's and don'ts when conducting an academic research.


There exist principles which in some way are critical when it comes to coming up with good academic research papers. Some of these principles include the basics one such as reading carefully and writing; active concentration and also creative interpretation the sources one uses in research and the data that will be in question. Basically when it comes to research undertaking and also writing assignments the academic areas are different from each other. Non matching research methods and some techniques used by researchers in certain academic disciplines are usually different from each other. Some writers may be put to task to discuss research results in a whole different way to which the final texts look will have a totally different outcome in regards to different disciplines. Types of format used and the structures of organization structure are different and also the citations and documentation methods used to identify the research sources.

Principles of Academic Research Writing

Main purpose when one wants to carry out an academic research is basically to generate ideas to which as a writer will pass to his audience in form of new knowledge.When as writer you write from sources, which indicates development of new ideas, good conclusions, and also theory inventions on the whole idea as a writer you will have come up with. Source examination is also necessary for any academic writer, this is for the main purpose of credible and also appropriate information that will go hand in hand with the stated for goals in the research and also the outlined objectives. Acknowledgement of all the sources that have been used in their research is also necessary; this is in form of good citations and also documentation in regards to the discipline being undertaken.

Writing Activity

In writing academic research papers, basically there are things to consider such as; analyzing the intellectual and discourse of communities. Given it will evolve around such questions as the topic of discussion, problems, issues and also the concerns of the communities. Also investigating histories of academic discussions, which is an important aspect when it comes to examining an issue related to your research.

Taking control of one's research resources is one aspect that needs to be adapted by a research writer as it ensures establishment of authority in the field of academic writing. This is important as it portrays authority and that he/she is skillfully undertaking the research with the given resources and also interpreting the findings in a creative manner. There are different ways to which researchers integrate their information given the resources they have. Direct quoting being one of them which allows them to quote directly from sources which gives readers the access to first hand information of the original source. Quoting should be done only when you as a researcher feel it's necessary to quote, this usually enables one to bring out the information better than the original source.

Summarizing is also a good way of highlighting information from sources you use in your research. It allows the researcher to express it all in his/her own words while at it preserving the information and ideas that exist in the original script. Paraphrasing is also a method researchers can make use of when writing and conveying information to its readers. The rewriting of a passage from the original in ones words makes the researchers achieve goals such as making sense of the sources used and making your point seen and also avoiding being a plagiarist by not plagiarizing from your source.

Referencing must also be taken highly into consideration as to the external sources used. This is important as your readers are guided through clearly when you input views by the authors to whose sources you are quoting, summarizing or paraphrasing in your work. Bibliographies come in handy at the end of each research work done, as it outlines basically your voice in your own research. Depending on a researchers field of interest it will show your review of literature and also bring out your quality of research that you undertook by that giving the reader other items that he/she might be interested to read in regards to the topic.


Academic research as a whole must be approached with purpose in mind having known the type of audience you want to reach. Getting to understand what you want to write about is a very important aspect and at it as an academic research writer, development of voice which is authoritative is a trait that's a must to posses and this will help in terms of expressing opinions that your readers won't get tired of reading.