Research Writer Qualifications

Research Writer

I'm an Electrical Engineering graduate with substantial experience in Higher Education sector. I am now seeking an Academic Writing Position in your noble student research company. I possess many good qualities which I will endeavour to lay out so that you can get a picture of me as a student and as a person.

I am a graduate from the Jomo University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) where I obtained Msc. Electrical Engineering in Power Electronic Option. I'm also a graduate of Eggerton University where I graduated with Bsc. in Control and Instrumentation Engineering. I believe that this qualification demonstrates my competence at working for you as an Academic Writer. I find the writing opportunity incredibly interesting and it reaffirms my belief that I have chosen the right path for my writing career.

I have been a member of Teaching Staff in Jomo University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering since 2009 as Teaching Assistant and later promoted in the previous year as Assistant Lecturer. All this has given me further experience in this field as a researcher and has helped me better understand the material that I have been taught in a real world setting.

I am an extremely hard-working, studious, and motivated individual. I am sure this trait will continue enabling me to gain maximum benefit from this post and to gain a greater knowledge of this career. I have read beyond my previous course material in order to ensure that I have a holistic, wide breadth of student knowledge on Academic Writing.

Furthermore, I have had a first-hand academic writing service experience with dozens of online writing sites such as Odesk, Elance, Freelancer, Academic Research, and Academic Writing Online among others. Owing to my vast and extensive research writing experience with the aforementioned sites, I have since perfected my 'art' and I honestly believe that given a chance under the same capacity (even if more challenging), I will always be equal to the task and will deliver my level best in every single assignment assigned to me.

I live and work in in the city of Thessaloniki, a beautiful port with more than two thousands years of history in the region of north Greece. I am a father of two wonderful kids and regard my self privileged to see them developing their personalities every single day. I believe that one can and should pursue his/her dreams no matter the difficulties and constraints. In that part, I perceive my self lucky as I managed (at least so far) to fulfill and realize quite a lot of my dreams through my various job positions I held over the past fifteen years. But the thing I love the most is to travel and see different places an people, and my position as a researcher and project manager has endowed me the means to travel across the globe.

I hold a BSc Degree in Automation Engineering from the Department of Automation at the Technological Institute of Thessaloniki and a MSc in Software Engineering from the University of York (UK). Currently I am finishing my PhD in "Software Assets Valuation" at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece).

From (March 2006 till last year) my job position was as senior researcher and project manager at the Research Programmes Division of ALTEC S.A where I successfully managed and coordinated various European and National-funded research projects and developed numerous research project proposals (FP5, FP6, FP7). Up until June, I worked as a research associate of the Software Engineering Group at the Department of Informatics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Greece, where I was responsible for research proposals development and management.

During this period, my research involved around neural networks, safety critical systems, software quality assessment, software assets evaluation and valuation as well as decision making on software risk management. The expertise and experience gained allowed me to introduce new methods and techniques for measuring and exploiting the results of various research projects in several occasions.

My academic writing experience started early when I helped in the preparation of my first paper, exploiting the results of my Msc thesis. Since then and up until today, I have written numerous academic papers for international conferences and countless research proposals helping various companies to obtain funds for transforming their innovative ideas into competitive products. And as far as I am concerned this is, up until now, the most satisfactory work that I've engaged so far. My experience taught me that research should be for the benefit of many and not for the eyes of the few. In other words for me it matters a lot to dedicate effort and loads of brainstorming researching for something that can create eventually new job opportunities or new cutting-edge products, rather than copy-pasting old ideas and "wrapping" them as something new. I believe that research no matter limited or extensive, for industry or for an undergraduate dissertation is a trip to the world of science and as such is a wonderful and unique experience of its own. And as a famous Greek poet said once: "It's not reaching the destination, but the travel that counts the most.."

In closing, I trust that I have demonstrated to you my academic expertise that I have in this field and the keen interest that I take in Academic Writing field.