Academic Writing Gigs

Writing Projects

Editing of subtitles for "American Students" (Dreamworks release).

Custom writing of a documentary pertaining to lives of artists in Bolshoi Theater under Putin's regime.

Editing of subtitles for "Zen Twelve" (Universal release).

Translation of subtitles for "My Luck" (Tristar release)

Review of a PhD thesis about "Ren-novation" (Sony release).

Voice-over for Telephone prompts for a Court District in Indiana.

Editing of a transcript of a deposition hearing.

Writing order related to an advertising material for print, radio, and TV for Chicago based Newspaper and Graphic Design Studio.

Peer review of various articles and press releases.

Translation of dissertation about TARO (book translation underway).

Writing of a children book to be sold to young readers.

Research related to a program evaluation forms for the Foreign Press Bureau and Government Information Center representatives after completing a training program pertaining to media communications, healthcare, insurance, and financing in the USA.

Editing of articles, interviews, etc. for local newspapers in Chicago.

Editing of Y2K readiness booklet for a major Cellular Phone Company in the US.

Custom research about an electronic modem for an electronic company in Taipei.

Writing of a 600-page dissertation a graduate student.

Translation of Defendant's rights for a Courthouse in Boston, USA.

Writing services for a group of undergraduate students.

Telephone conference interpretation.

Helping with a research paper about toxins in the environment.