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Among many things I learned in America there is one that seems to be the most important to me. "Not to attempt to compel others to believe and live as we do". No use even commenting on that one. Unfortunately it's seems to be the world's biggest club. The most important thing I learned from my American husband is to find something that you are passionate about and pursue it with all your heart. If you find a way to get paid for it - more power to you - if not just enjoy the ride.

The most important thing my parents taught me is to never seek revenge. It's a waste of time and energy that you could utilize in more productive ways.

Translating and academic essay writing has been my passion for years. It started with English lessons at boys and girls club when I was five or six and continued through my grade school. An idea of being able to transfer my thoughts and words into another language and then back gave me a great thrill. I knew then that no matter what life brings me I would have to make sure it has something to do with bilingual communications. Years of studying English language, opportunity to live, learn and work in the United States allowed me to make my dream come true. By accepting cultural differences that I find very helpful in my profession I am incorporating my "most important thing I learned in America" into my life.

Even though I have been helping students with their research papers and dissertations for many years I was holding on to my job in a prepress industry for years. By starting to translate and write full time I began to incorporate my "most important thing my husband taught me" into my life.

As far as the revenge lesson from my parents go. They were right. I'd rather have good meal with my friends, read a good book, go to South of France with my husband, travel few countries over to visit my folks in Europe, take my two dogs for a walk at the beach and get a good night sleep.

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