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Legal Writing

Do you need an experienced editor, writer, or interpreter to explain legal terms written or spoken? Are there employees who don't speak accurate academic language and they do not understand the legal terms such as wrongful termination or racial discrimination? Our legal writer explains legal terms whenever it is needed.

Do you only speak or read one language? Have you received legal papers that you do not understand? Our translator can explain the legal terms so they can be better understood. Do you need to write a will in the Polish language to send to a foreign relative? We can help.

Globalization has brought many employees who speak only a single language. When it comes to working with legal terms it is important to be able to write on the highest level. Often employees may feel they have been discriminated against need someone to explain English terms into a proper terminology. Having an interpreter can make a difference between the employees taking legal action or solving the problem easily. More companies have global employees who need to understand their employee handbooks that have legal terms such as sexual harassment that need to be translated from English to Polish. We can do this for you. Perhaps an employee is having his checked garnished and he does not understand the English legal terms. This is where our interpreter can explain why the individual is being garnished or any other legal problem.

English legal terms such as injunction, indictment, hostile environment, lockout, preemption, or plaintiff can be confusing for people who are Polish. It is important to have the legal terms explained into an excellent academic language so they can understand what the problem may be or simply understanding an employee handbook. We are here to research, write and translate the English language. Simply, ask.