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I am an independent academic writer, editor, and translator with over 15 years of experience residing in the beautiful town of Elmhurst, Illinois, home of a known University and the closest northern suburb of Chicago. My convenient location gives me an opportunity to work with many Chicago-based businesses. I take great pride in frequency with which businesses like law firms, hospitals, advertising agencies, marketing and computer companies, publishers, newspapers are dependent on my translation skills, knowledge and attention to details.

Using today's technology, I also accept jobs through e-mail, and work on variety of projects, including legal, business and commerce, advertising copy adaptation, marketing and promotion, and web page adaptation. Creativity and mental focus that is required of my profession is what makes this job challenging and fun. Being a native of Poland I am, however, completely fluent even in the slang of my second language. I often find that cultural study is often overlooked while translating a foreign text. It is my belief that it is invaluable to understanding the nuances of any work to be translated.

My education and years of residency, both in Poland and United States, contacts with academic professionals, as well as repeated business of my clients have helped me acquire a well-desired level of professionalism and extensive understanding of both cultures. In return, those who hire my writing, translation, or editing services, benefit from my accurate conveyance, speed, flexibility, attention to detail, my commitment to creativity and cultural differences, and one of the most reasonable rates in the industry. To find out how I can use my years of experience to help you get your message across, please contact me at any time.


Ivona Las

Former Member of American Essay Writers and Editors Association

I cooperate with many editors, academic writers, proofreaders, and translators who work with various languages and communities. Should you have a writing project that requires other languages please contact me at any time.


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