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I was born and raised in New York City, residing in the boroughs of Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island. I spent the majority of my teenage years on Staten Island, a typical suburban location. It is a nice place to grow up since there are plenty of strip malls and Applebee's, but it is not exactly filled with culture and diversity. When college application season came around I made sure to apply to schools that offered study abroad programs and were conveniently far away from home. I ultimately decided on Florida State University in Florida. It had a prestigious reputation, located at least two and a half hours away from home, and offered a variety of abroad programs. Through the Swedish Institute of Study program I was able to study in Berlin, Germany and travel throughout Western Europe. Soon after my adventures abroad I returned to America to finish my senior year. It was during my senior year that my girlfriend, now wife, became pregnant. The year after graduation was both humbling and difficult. Job opportunities were in short supply and support for recent graduates was low. It was during this time that I discovered academic freelance writing. Writing helped pay the bills and keep my family afloat. Currently, I'm enrolled in a post-baccalaureate program with the goal of ultimately becoming a doctor. However, applying to medical schools is a year-long process and bills still need to be paid. My love of writing and the flexibility offered by working at home makes it a perfect job for me. While I do work for another company, the workload simply isn't enough to make a livable wage. I'm hoping Example Essay Paper Help can ameliorate the situation.

What are your interests/hobbies? Describe your academic background.

Like most young men in America, I love video games, film, and TV shows. I also enjoy reading, particularly science fiction, history, biographies, and other kinds of fiction novels. I have recently come to appreciate the joys of fitness and weight lifting. The challenges and benefits that come with resistance training make the sweat and pain worth it. The most rewarding aspect of weight training are the small moments; surpassing your previous maximum weight, being able to do one more rep when you thought you had nothing left, or finishing a particularly tough routine are the greatest parts of maintaining a workout regime. The discipline that is necessary to be successful at lifting is transferable to all aspects of life. The most important interest I have is being a father to my three year old daughter. There is nothing that compares to being a father and I love every second of it. Don't get me wrong, it is tough dealing with peed beds, tantrums, and random crying, and many may not see why any of that would be fun. But at the end of the day, nothing beats hearing your daughter say "Daddy, I love you" and "Daddy, you're my best friend".

My academic background is definitely not traditional. I graduated Wesleyan University in 2009 with a B.A in government with a concentration in international politics. After the economic downturn, there were few job opportunities and much less government opportunities. My volunteering at a community health clinic, my experience abroad in Denmark where healthcare is free, and my own health background made me interested in becoming a doctor. I looked into graduate pre-medical post-baccalaureate programs. These programs allow for college graduates to take undergraduate science courses required for medical school. I was accepted into the Florida State University, where I am currently attending. I have taken genetics, chemistry I and II, physics I and II, organic chemistry I and II, human physiology, calculus, statistics, and molecular biology. My grade point average in the program is a 3.85. Given my background, I can easily write about a range of varied topics.

Why do you consider yourself an excellent research writer?

I consider myself an excellent research writer because I prioritize quality student research, I follow exactly what the customer asks, and I never plagiarize. An honest academic writer knows the importance of research and locating the appropriate sources. A writer without sources or research is like a chef without his cookbook or ingredients. A mediocre meal might be cooked, but more often than not, the end result is subpar. Knowing where to locate sources is equally important. Luckily, I have access to academic journal databases and a state college library. In my experience, a customer always knows best. Deviating from a client's instructions is asking for a rewrite and causes unnecessary stress on both the writer and client's end. That is why I carefully read, then reread, every order. Lastly, plagiarism is to be avoided at all costs. When I am in the final editing stage of any project, I meticulously go over my citations. An honest poorly written paper is always preferable than an amazingly plagiarized research paper.