Academic Essay Writing Procedures

Essay Paper

Writing is rightly considered to be the art and science of expressing one's expressions to others. On scientific grounds, ample developments have been made for enhancing the conveyance of scientific and non-scientific knowledge among the people. In this lieu, research papers, thesis and dissertations have bemused most of its writers due to its inherent technicality and also usage of core researching techniques. However, some of the academic papers act like a pathfinder for different fellow researchers for deducing results using other modes of investigation.

The academic writing is a completely different horizon which demands to be explored much further due to their potential technicalities and range of targeted audience. Most of the academic papers comprise of typical assignment question and also essays in which the writer should have to focus greatly on devising a brainstorming session. The session can be done either in groups or individually depending upon the instructions of mentor. Brainstorming is the best way for clustering the ideas and presenting them in an innovative fashion. The brainstorming is quite useful in writing typical academic papers having the need of sound research driven by core results.

Once the task of brainstorming is done, the paper requirements are revisited to filter the ideas and thought coherent with the requirement of paper. Different papers follow different organization of ideas and thoughts. In case of preparing a research paper, the haphazard organization of thoughts are quite detrimental and lead to paper which lacks clarity of speech. The sources organization is considered quite critical and can be divided into three core categories based on exposition, theme and most importantly supporting arguments. The first one is most commonly used to develop a sound background information knowledge regarding the topic before preceding it. However, the second emphasizes on developing themes based on type of academic writing. The supporting arguments are used in almost all form of writings but more specifically in writing argumentative essays.

Students are also faced with the problems of doing proper research on the internet either due to time constraint or due to lack of internet research and academic writing skills. The best way to explore a certain topic over the internet is to go through famous search engines as they have different keyword libraries and each provide with somewhat different set of results for each search. On lack of searching skills, most of the students lack the sense of using proper keywords for getting fruitful outcomes. Keywords, as depicted from their name, are the words which are commonly searched over the internet and the key to success of research phase while writing an academic paper. In cases of difficult academic papers, the researching is quite tough to carry out and hence require a slightly more deep insight of search engine and Boolean operators. The usage of Boolean operators helps the researcher to narrow down the window of searches to fewer pages having the most adequate content for developing the paper.

Nonetheless, the paper's credibility is another issue of grave concern and is directly linked with the internet researches mentioned beforehand. In cases of difficult academic papers demands the usage of peer-reviewed publications as part of referencing. Substantial dependency on online websites weakens the arguments presented by the writer as part of credibility of the source. Nevertheless, the problem can be remediated by following the sources having ".edu" domain in its URL. This fortifies the credibility of source as part of educational institution.

All the above phases consume considerate amount of time and are responsible for overall grade of student. Writing is another step for putting the ideas and thoughts in systematic form and most importantly, presentable to course instructor. All in all, writing process is quite not that simple process but can be made simpler by following the basic rules of writing academic papers.