Freelance Dissertation Writer Application

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In this short application essay, I will provide a concise description of my personal and academic background and explain why I am an excellent freelance researcher and writer. I believe that this piece of the application, as well as my writing samples and academic background will demonstrate my competence and qualifications to work with Dissertation Papers as a freelance writer.

I was born and raised in the U.S. to immigrant parents from India. From an early age, I understood the difficulties of cross-cultural communication – a quality that helps me sympathize with international students who often seek academic help due to difficulty conveying ideas in a language they have yet to master. I also sympathize with individuals who struggle to bridge the gap between high-school and university, as there is often a lack of academic support during this difficult transition. Even at universities where academic resources are bountiful, students may not always know how to seek help or may feel embarrassed to admit that they need help. I hope that, as a freelance writer with Dissertation Papers, I can help customers be successful, learn how to write a quality essay, and help guide them on their academic path.

As for my academic background, I have had the privilege of attending some of the top schools in the country from elementary school to college. I received a solid grounding in essay writing while in high-school, but gained a deeper and more complex understanding of academic writing at my liberal-arts college, which is known for its intellectual rigor. In college, I majored in Religious Studies and minored in Psychology, but took a multitude of courses across subject areas in order to fulfill the requirements of a liberal-arts education and to satisfy my personal curiosity. I am confident in writing papers not only for Religion and Psychology courses, but also for courses in Sociology, Anthropology, History, Political Science, English Literature, Dance, and Education. I believe that my personal intellectual curiosity and the high standards I hold for my writing prepare me to write quality papers for Dissertation Papers on a variety of topics.

I believe that I am excellent research writer because I am well-versed in planning a research paper or essay – I understand the process of developing and organizing one’s ideas, so as to convey a clear and persuasive argument or thesis. Many students enter university without realizing that the key to a successful paper is organization and thoughtful research. My academic papers have a smooth, logical flow that leads the reader from introduction to conclusion. Furthermore, I enjoy the process of developing an idea into an academic paper, and I am very comfortable with utilizing a variety of sources to gather strong evidence for the thesis. I believe that my familiarity with research methods and discerning reliable sources from unreliable ones will prove valuable as a writer with Dissertation Papers.

I would like to thank the staff at Dissertation Papers for their time in reviewing this essay and my complete application. I hope that this short description of my personal and academic background, as well as my writing and research skills will prove useful in the review process and demonstrate my commitment to academic rigor and quality writing. In addition to these skills, I believe that I bring an extra quality that would enhance customer relationships with Dissertation Papers: a kind heart and the willingness to listen to clients in order to deliver a well-written paper and ensure customer satisfaction.