Creative Writer and Editor

Cover Letter

I am a creative, quick-thinking and fun-loving young person, living in the heart of Toronto, Canada. After graduating from the University of Toronto, I’ve pursued a career as an administrative arts worker by day, and as a musician by night.

Both during university, and in my year since graduating, I’ve been employed at such fantastic institutions as the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Toronto International Film Festival, and the National Film Board, where I currently work. After work, I perform in a few local bands, sometimes playing guitar, bass, or drums. Occasionally I fill in as a DJ at local bars, playing vintage soul and blues, and hosting the odd dance party if the crowd is in the mood.

While in university, I completed an Honors Bachelor of the Arts. My specialization was Art History, however my program required experience in other humanities, so I also studied Philosophy, English, French, German, Architecture, Gender, and Sexuality studies quite extensively. I emerged with a history of the arts at large, with a grasp on what historical, socio-political influences shaped them, and which events they were in turn reflecting. It’s my opinion that the arts, and particularly art history, is a fantastic discipline through which to understand many others, as so many lenses intersect with art theory; knowledge of feminism, Marxism, psychoanalysis, history, philosophy, semiotics, and so many other schools of thought are essential to engaging in art criticism.

While at university, I also served as the Vice President of the Fine Arts Student Union, wrote for our student newspaper, served on my residence’s council, and won three leadership awards upon graduating… all while holding down two part time jobs at local arts institutions, in order to pay the bills, which my already exorbitant student loans did not quite cover. As such, I understand how students feel pressured, and how services like essay assistance might be a savior in times of stress.

Since graduating, and as previously mentioned, I’ve started a career as an arts worker: working behind the scenes to support arts organizations, and aiding them to deliver socially conscious, dynamic programming to audiences is a phenomenal feeling. Unfortunately, working in the arts as a twenty-something – even in my situation, as fully employed – is not financially lucrative. I am trying to think outside the box, and find ways to earn a little extra income to support myself. I was always an excellent research writer, scoring high marks on my assignments; now, having been a year out of school, I’m finding that I’m missing it so much: the learning, the narrowing down of facts, the creative process of formulating a trajectory.

I would love to focus this passion I have into your service, and see it as an excellent way for me to keep learning: be it an essay on social justice, a review on a playwright’s latest work, or an argument against a philosophical treatise, I would see an opportunity to continue to research as a welcome, refreshing learning opportunity.

Last, I’m punctual and efficient. I hope this doesn’t read too much like a cover letter – I considered getting very creative! – and also sincerely hope you consider me as a writer. I’m sure I’d be a proud addition to your team.


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