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Academic Research - Introduction

Understanding different ways of doing academic research is critical for a student doing college assignments and course works. It is an integral part of a student’s academic activity and responsibility. Research papers constitute a great deal of a student’s academic calendar thus it is crucial for a student to develop this essential skill so as to achieve excellent academic performance. The student has to possess the ability to analyze and synthesize the information so as to create an original non-plagiarized academic research paper. This is where creativity and the ability to analyze and synthesize plays an important role merges to bring out a unique paper that is relevant to the scope of the academic research paper.

Understanding Different Ways of Doing Academic Research

A student needs to first and foremost to gather all relevant needed for the case assignment or course work. Besides gathering information, he or she has to possess an understanding of the subject topic to be studied and researched. After gathering the information the next step is to assess the information followed by presenting the work in a unique way in terms of writing an academic research paper. Research is an overwhelming process for students and require hours of preparation depending on a student’s discipline and the degree of complexity of the research paper. Doing an academic research requires creativity thus a student needs to be creative in the research process because the student will be required to choose his own topic and sources. The student needs to understand the nature and purpose of the academic research beforehand. Research may mean different thing to different people but a general agreement is that research is a process of enquiry and investigation. Research can also be defined as a systematic and methodological enquiring and investigation of a subject topic with the aim of addressing the subject matter authentically. The nature of the research paper tells the student the appropriate method for collecting and analyzing research data and to apply them rigorously. On the other hand, the purpose of the research is to investigate a research question with a view of to generate knowledge.

Classifying the research is another way of doing academic research. There are many ways of classifying a research; first and foremost an academic research can be classified into four parts with the purpose of the research being the reason why the research is conducted. The second classification is the process of the research which involves how the data is collected and analyzed. A logic research on the other hand is an academic research where the logic moves from a general subject topic to a specific subject topic or vice versa. Finally, the outcome of a research is an academic research with the expected outcome of either addressing a particular solution to a particular problem or a more general contribution to knowledge. The classification of an academic research goes hand in hand with the basis of an academic research; for instance, an analytical, descriptive, predictive and exploratory research goes hand in hand with a purpose of the research classification. A process academic research is excellent for quantitative or qualitative type of academic research. A process research paper involves collecting qualitative that are quantified and analyzed statistically. An outcome research is a convenient method for applied or basic research. A deductive and inductive type of research requires a logic research type of classification as it possess problem solving characteristics.